What we offer

UserThought is a world class feedback solution for web sites and web services.

You are able to integrate the most innovative feedback solution with just ONE line of HTML code. And your web site will be powered by customizable customer feedback form with feedback analytics.

Your website visitors will be able to give an instant feedback message together with highlighted fragment of your website. Feedback form can be available on every page of your website so it would be fast to open it and send a feedback message for a visitor.

Our innovative feedback analytics technology will help you to understand your visitors better, detect problem areas and improve exactly the features, which are valuable for your clients!


  • Atlassian JIRA™ Issue Manager Integration

    Atlassian JIRA Integration

    Connect web site feedback form to your JIRA™.
    Receive website feedback directly into JIRA!

  • Fully hosted solution

    The service is fully hosted on our servers so you do not need any infrastructure changes.

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