New Feedback Analytics Charts

We have added one more Analytics page called "Sections Analytics" that has additional feedback sub-categories related charts. It contains the pie chart that shows volume and average rating per each main category (Category Tab) like "Suggest an Idea", "Ask a Questions", etc.


Also, below, it contains more pie charts, which show sub-categories rating and volume distribution inside one of the main category tabs like "Suggest an Idea" and so on. If there is no feedback records in some particular main category then there will be no chart for that category (e.g. no data = no chart). usually, there are four pie charts per each of tab in feedback form like this one:



The area of each part of the pie represents the volume of feedback records in that category. The color represents average rating in category:
      no rating        1 star      &nb Read More »

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Feedback Widget Positioning

Sometimes we get a qeustion about positioning a feedback widget. For example, "Is there a way to have feedback widget icon displays in the middle of the left side instead of the top left?"

The quick answer is Yes and here are three approached how to achieve that:

     1.  By using feedback form API (Pro plan):  You can have any HTML element on your web page to be a widget for a feedback form (with any CSS styles you like).
          For example:   <div class="UTwidget" onClick=";">Feedback</div>
          This allows unlimited customization for the feedback widget e.g. it can be even placed inside of some text or menu.
          More details:

     2. Customizing CSS of your web page (Pro plan):  Add the following CSS code to your webpage:

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New "Modern" feedback form look'n'feel

We are glad to present completely redesigned look'n'feel of our feedback form. While previous look'n'feel is still available, new look'n'feel called 'Modern' is preffered and has several advantages.


Feedback Form v2.0 supports up to 4 levels of feedback categories that can be nested. The layout is horizontal now and feedback form displays centered on the screen. Nice animation is displayed every time visitors open or close feedback form.
Currently, this feature is a part of Pro plan and is not available in Ultimate Free plan.


Sample screenshot shows modern feedback form with categories/sub-categories, rating stars, email field and content highlighting button. Feedback message entry field will be displayed instead of sub-categories:


Modern Feedback Form Look & Feel


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Receive more with Custom Feedback Variables

UserThought Feedback Form is capable to seamlessly collect extra data in every feedback message. You can setup custom JavaScript variables, which will be collected together with a feedback and other data.


The mechanism is useful to collect some data on HTML page or session like user name, full name or something else really important about logged-in user for you to know inside of a feedback message. E.g. if someone asked a question then you'd probably like to know who specificly asked it as to be able to reply.


How it works
  1. Your server renders some javascript variable like
    var USER_EMAIL_VAR=""; in the HTML page with a feedback widget;
  2. You specify USER_EMAIL_VAR as a value of custom variable in one of fields on setup page;
  3. System collects USER_EMAIL_VAR variable's value together with feedback message.
Additional feature:

Email Auto fill-in

If USER_EMAIL_VAR variable is defined in the HTML page then its value will be automatically substituted into Feedback Form's Email field.
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Invite Friend for Pro plan and get Pro for FREE!

Special Offer:

Get Pro plan absolutely for FREE! 


Just find a friend who will subscribe for a Pro plan.

As long as your friend will stay on Pro - as long you will stay on Pro!


When your friend is subscribed to Pro, please send a feedback with his and your emails. We will activate a Pro plan for you right after that.


We hope you will like this offer.


UserThought Team


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Using UserThought Feedback service

UserThought provides a feedback form service for almost every website.

Basically, the idea is to place a small "feedback form widget" (usually an image) into every page of your website. This widget looks like a wrapped edge of the page. And it is used to open a feedback/contact form. Your website visitors will be able to click on the feedback widget, type message and send it to you.

The goal is to make everything extremely simple to visitors yet powerful for website owners.

That's beeing said, it costs no time to visitors to find & open feedback form and leave a message. Additionally, visitor can highlight some fragment of the web page to point your attention to it. Rating stars will help to get the understanding of how your clients feel about the website or particular page.

UserThought provides a robust feedback analytics based on feedback data. This includes visitor's rating, geographical locations, environment details an so on. 256bits SSL security guarantees great protection of every feedback data and allows the widget to be placed on a secured (HTTPS) pages (e.g. for payment process).

UserThought's email notification service can send a feedback notification directly to your email address as soon as feedback arrives. So, you should not miss any feedback.

If email notification is not a feasible solution for you then integration with Atlassian JI Read More »

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Website Feedback Form integration with JIRA

We are glad to present the newest feature of UserThought's feedback form service.


If you are using Atlassian JIRA as your issue manager for the project then we have great news for you.


UserThought's feedback form can be easily integrated with JIRA issue manager. It is as easy as copy/pasting few lines of text.


        Feedback Form with JIRA Integration


So, lets see how it works: 

  • You place UserThought's feedback form widget on your website.
  • Your visitor opens a form and sends a feedback.
  • Then this feedback goes to UserThought Cloud.
  • Finally, UserThought Cloud analyzes and structures all the data from the feedback and creates a new JIRA ticket in your JIRA  issue manager.


Newly created JIRA issue contains almost all of the data from a vistor's feedback. There are feedback message, email, rating, environment details (IP, WebBrowser, URL, version of Flash etc), IP and Custom Variables if specified.


That is a great benefit because you can drive this issue (feedback) through your standard workflow of the project in JIRA.

For example, assign to someone as a task or bug, set the status (implemented, fixed, not an issue etc) and so on.

Please Read More »

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Email field AUTO fill-in

Want to make your visitors life even more easier? 
Why do they need to manually fill-in an email field every time they want to send feedback? 
Let's make it automatic!  
As usual, all you need to do is to add ONE line of JavaScript code to your page.
Here is Setup Instructions: 
1. Customize you web page to include the following javascript variable: 
var USER_EMAIL_VAR=""; in the HTML page with
userthought feedback widget;

Feedback Form with auto filled-in email

2. Replace "" with a real email of your logged-in visitor. 
3. That's it! UserThought Feedback Form will automatically check this variable
and insert its value into Feedback Form's Email field.
Here is an example of email automation html code: 
<script type=&quo Read More »

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Contact Form vs Feedback Form

We often receive a question from different people like

"Contact Form vs Feedback Form. What to choose for my website?".

So, lets answer this question here.


Contact Form

The main purpose of contact form is to connect your website visitors with you. Contact Form should be easy to fill and easy to use. Additionally, it is good to have additional contact fields like email or phone.


The rule is: Do NOT overload your contact form with lots of questions, clarifications and details. 

A ton of questions are commonly a deal breakers and it often happens that your potential clients are getting bored with all these questions and leaving your web site without posting anything. So, how it should look like?


The conclusion is to have simple and easy to access contact form with 2-4 fields. One of these fileds must be for client's contact details. So, once you will have the first quick message from potential client you will be able to ask all your detailed questions.

That's the best approach to close the deal.


Feedback Form

Feedback forms are commonly Read More »

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Quick Start Guide. How to SETUP a feedback form.

UserThought's feedback form is easy to integrate and configurate.


First of all create a free account at


You will be automatically logged in after the registration. You should see new items on the main navigation bar:


Navigation Bar


Setup - Change the look&feel of your feedback form and feedback widget. Preview your feedback form; tweak styles, fonts, colors and position. Internationalization is fully automatic - feedback form will be presented in native visitor's language.


Inbox - Feedback messages from your visitors. Detailed information is available per each feedback like Browser version, Operating system, language, email, highlighted content if present and much more. One place to access all feedback information.


Analytics - Access analytical data (diagrams) based on your user's satisfaction and loyalty levels, geo-location, environment configuration etc. You are able to select different date perio Read More »

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