Contact Form vs Feedback Form

We often receive a question from different people like

"Contact Form vs Feedback Form. What to choose for my website?".

So, lets answer this question here.


Contact Form

The main purpose of contact form is to connect your website visitors with you. Contact Form should be easy to fill and easy to use. Additionally, it is good to have additional contact fields like email or phone.


The rule is: Do NOT overload your contact form with lots of questions, clarifications and details. 

A ton of questions are commonly a deal breakers and it often happens that your potential clients are getting bored with all these questions and leaving your web site without posting anything. So, how it should look like?


The conclusion is to have simple and easy to access contact form with 2-4 fields. One of these fileds must be for client's contact details. So, once you will have the first quick message from potential client you will be able to ask all your detailed questions.

That's the best approach to close the deal.


Feedback Form

Feedback forms are commonly Read More »

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