Using UserThought Feedback service

UserThought provides a feedback form service for almost every website.

Basically, the idea is to place a small "feedback form widget" (usually an image) into every page of your website. This widget looks like a wrapped edge of the page. And it is used to open a feedback/contact form. Your website visitors will be able to click on the feedback widget, type message and send it to you.

The goal is to make everything extremely simple to visitors yet powerful for website owners.

That's beeing said, it costs no time to visitors to find & open feedback form and leave a message. Additionally, visitor can highlight some fragment of the web page to point your attention to it. Rating stars will help to get the understanding of how your clients feel about the website or particular page.

UserThought provides a robust feedback analytics based on feedback data. This includes visitor's rating, geographical locations, environment details an so on. 256bits SSL security guarantees great protection of every feedback data and allows the widget to be placed on a secured (HTTPS) pages (e.g. for payment process).

UserThought's email notification service can send a feedback notification directly to your email address as soon as feedback arrives. So, you should not miss any feedback.

If email notification is not a feasible solution for you then integration with Atlassian JI Read More »

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Feedback Form Customization

UserThought feedback form can be fully customized. 


Customization is separated by two parts: feedback form and feedback widget customizations.


Feedback widget is a small button (image), which is placed on your website. It is usually placed into one of the page corners. We have it in the top right corner. Customization allows you to define a branded widget image. Additionally, you can specify different widget image if you user moves mouse over the widget. 


There are two behaviors to open feedback form:

  1. Click on widget
  2. Just move mouse over it

This is configurable in Setup page.


Feedback form contains from three parts to choose the type of feedback, enter message/email/rating and the third to display feedback delivery status. It is very important to user to know that the feedback is successfully delivered.


We also offer a custom, brandy new customization. This could be done for free and depends on the plan you choose.


Also you could customize Feedback Widget & Form to match your website style from the Setup page.
Сolors, fonts, images, labels, position - everything is customizable from a simple to use m Read More »

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