Quick Start Guide. How to SETUP a feedback form.

UserThought's feedback form is easy to integrate and configurate.


First of all create a free account at http://userthought.com/register/index?plan=Ultimate+FREE&signup=yes


You will be automatically logged in after the registration. You should see new items on the main navigation bar:


Navigation Bar


Setup - Change the look&feel of your feedback form and feedback widget. Preview your feedback form; tweak styles, fonts, colors and position. Internationalization is fully automatic - feedback form will be presented in native visitor's language.


Inbox - Feedback messages from your visitors. Detailed information is available per each feedback like Browser version, Operating system, language, email, highlighted content if present and much more. One place to access all feedback information.


Analytics - Access analytical data (diagrams) based on your user's satisfaction and loyalty levels, geo-location, environment configuration etc. You are able to select different date perio Read More »

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