New Feedback Analytics Charts

We have added one more Analytics page called "Sections Analytics" that has additional feedback sub-categories related charts. It contains the pie chart that shows volume and average rating per each main category (Category Tab) like "Suggest an Idea", "Ask a Questions", etc.


Also, below, it contains more pie charts, which show sub-categories rating and volume distribution inside one of the main category tabs like "Suggest an Idea" and so on. If there is no feedback records in some particular main category then there will be no chart for that category (e.g. no data = no chart). usually, there are four pie charts per each of tab in feedback form like this one:



The area of each part of the pie represents the volume of feedback records in that category. The color represents average rating in category:
      no rating        1 star        2 stars        3 stars        4 stars        5 stars 


Grey categories are ones in which no customer has ever rated their satisfaction.


This extra analytics page is available live at:  You should be able to access it under Demo account. 


In addition, we improved "Happiness over time" chart so it now combines feedback records of one day and calculates average rating for every day:



Have a great "Analyzing time"!

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