Receive more with Custom Feedback Variables

UserThought Feedback Form is capable to seamlessly collect extra data in every feedback message. You can setup custom JavaScript variables, which will be collected together with a feedback and other data.


The mechanism is useful to collect some data on HTML page or session like user name, full name or something else really important about logged-in user for you to know inside of a feedback message. E.g. if someone asked a question then you'd probably like to know who specificly asked it as to be able to reply.


How it works
  1. Your server renders some javascript variable like
    var USER_EMAIL_VAR=""; in the HTML page with a feedback widget;
  2. You specify USER_EMAIL_VAR as a value of custom variable in one of fields on setup page;
  3. System collects USER_EMAIL_VAR variable's value together with feedback message.
Additional feature:

Email Auto fill-in

If USER_EMAIL_VAR variable is defined in the HTML page then its value will be automatically substituted into Feedback Form's Email field.

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