Website Feedback Form integration with JIRA

We are glad to present the newest feature of UserThought's feedback form service.


If you are using Atlassian JIRA as your issue manager for the project then we have great news for you.


UserThought's feedback form can be easily integrated with JIRA issue manager. It is as easy as copy/pasting few lines of text.


        Feedback Form with JIRA Integration


So, lets see how it works: 

  • You place UserThought's feedback form widget on your website.
  • Your visitor opens a form and sends a feedback.
  • Then this feedback goes to UserThought Cloud.
  • Finally, UserThought Cloud analyzes and structures all the data from the feedback and creates a new JIRA ticket in your JIRA  issue manager.


Newly created JIRA issue contains almost all of the data from a vistor's feedback. There are feedback message, email, rating, environment details (IP, WebBrowser, URL, version of Flash etc), IP and Custom Variables if specified.


That is a great benefit because you can drive this issue (feedback) through your standard workflow of the project in JIRA.

For example, assign to someone as a task or bug, set the status (implemented, fixed, not an issue etc) and so on.

Please feel free to post comments here or ask any questions.


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