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UserThought.com is a European company providing an innovative feedback-form widget with analytics for websites and web services.

Have you ever tried to do business with a company through its website but found the site's complicated structure or lack of features inconvenient or even impossible to work with? Wouldn't you like an easy way to tell them? If you own a company and want to know what your users think about your website or products or what improvements they’d like to suggest we have the solution.

Try our new quick-and-simple way for developers and customers to communicate. Now you don't need a lot of questionnaires to learn how to improve. Our service gives you the opportunity to have user feedback immediately, with one click. Moreover users have the ability to highlight the content of your website together with feedback message.

UserThought's Feedback Form Form allows users to select interesting or confusing fragments of your website and make suggestions, give advice or make complaints about them right on the same page!

They don't need to write a long explanation about what they want to change - just one click and the area is highlighted! You can observe directly what your customers want to change.

The best part of our Feedback Solution is its accuracy and simplicity of integration. It's compatible with 99% of Internet websites and all the popular web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Chrome. You also get
feedback analytics, which displays information about your site visitors and feedback records by the day, week, year or another chosen period of time. You can also try other advantages of our service on your own website.

Keeping a permanent record of the contact between developers and customers makes every kind of work much more effective and valuable.

And we have the way to do it - try our simple, instantly-available, on-demand service.

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  • CEO Chief Executive Officer
    Oleh Vasyliv

  • Nataliya Fundyga photo Quality Assurance
    Nataliya Fundyga

  • Oresta Vasyliv photo Marketing
    Oresta Vasyliv

  • Support Team Technical Support Team
    David, Ivan and Taras

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