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"Thanks! Everything is working just great! ....
Again, the best service I got from any other company, ever!"
Kind regards,
Vasyl Shyrochuk
Project Manager

"Your service gave us a better understanding of our clients.
I definitely recommend it to everybody..."
Thanks for you help,
George Waills

"Your feedback form works really great with JIRA.
Haven't thought it could be so productive to track website feedback in issue manager before!"
Rick Morr

"UserThought's web site feedback form saved us money
on Atlassian JIRA license as UserThought reuses one JIRA account for all web site visitors."
Ronald Heriston

Atlassian JIRA® Feedback Form Integration

Website Fedback Form Integration with JIRA UserThought's feedback service can send feedback messages from a feedback form on your website directly to your Atlassian JIRA Issue Manager.

Feedback messages received from the feedback form on your public or private website could be automatically imported into your JIRA bug & issue management system.

JIRA ticket will contain feedback message, email (if present), locale, IP, web browser, OS version, page title/url and custom variables.

Setup is straight forward:

  1. Provide an URL to your JIRA home;
  2. Provide JIRA username and password, which will be used for a feedback import;
  3. Click 'Update' button;
  4. Setup default JIRA assignee username, project, issue type and priority.
  5. Click Update button. That's is!

Website Feedback Form Integration with JIRA
UserThought uses JIRA Remote API to connect to your JIRA so please make sure they are enabled.

How to enable 'JIRA Remote API' instruction

  1. Enabling RPC/SOAP JIRA Plugin: instruction;
  2. Enabling Remote API calls: instruction.

No action needed on JIRA 5.0 and above as JIRA Remote API is turned on by default.

So, lets see how it works:
  • You place UserThought's feedback form widget on your website.
  • Your visitor opens a form and sends a feedback.
  • Then this feedback goes to UserThought Cloud.
  • Finally, UserThought Cloud analyzes and structures all the data from the feedback and creates a new JIRA ticket in your JIRA issue manager.

Newly created JIRA issue contains almost all of the data from a visitor's feedback. There are feedback message, email, rating, environment details (IP, WebBrowser, URL, version of Flash etc), IP and Custom Variables if specified.

That is a great benefit because you can drive this issue (feedback) through your standard workflow of the project in JIRA.
For example, assign to someone as a task or bug, set the status (implemented, fixed, not an issue etc) and track the progress.

Sample JIRA ticket that was automatically created based on a feedback from a web site:

Website Feedback in your JIRA

Our support team is glad to help you if you experience any integration issues.