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"Thanks! Everything is working just great! ....
Again, the best service I got from any other company, ever!"
Kind regards,
Vasyl Shyrochuk
Project Manager

"Your service gave us a better understanding of our clients.
I definitely recommend it to everybody..."
Thanks for you help,
George Waills

"Your feedback form works really great with JIRA.
Haven't thought it could be so productive to track website feedback in issue manager before!"
Rick Morr

"UserThought's web site feedback form saved us money
on Atlassian JIRA license as UserThought reuses one JIRA account for all web site visitors."
Ronald Heriston

JIRA™ Issue Manager Integration New Feature

JIRA Integration Connect your web site feedback form and your JIRA Issue Manager.
The system automatically creates a JIRA ticket with data when feedback is received.
Gain the benefit of moving every feedback through your JIRA workflow process.

Custom Feedback Variables New Feature

Custom Feedback Variables Custom Feedback Variables allows you to seamlessly collect extra data in every feedback message.
For example, full name or email of logged user, the value of some JavaScript variable, current HTML page title and so on.
The only requirement is valid JavaScript variable's evaluation code.

Comprehensive Feedback Analytics

Feedback analytics The service will analyze feedback data and generate appropriate diagrams like user's satisfaction and loyalty levels, geo-location, environment statistics etc.

Easy Integration

Easy feedback form integration Integration of feedback solution takes just 1 line of HTML code.
It is as easy as insert a link into your webpage or blog.

Full Customization

Full feedback form customization Customize Feedback Widget & Form to match your website style.
Сolors, fonts, images, labels, position - everything is customizable from a simple to use management panel.

Widget Translation

Widget Translation Feedback Form automatically detects user's web browser language and presents everything in that language. Currently supported languages:
English (default), Spanish, German, French, Slovak, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian and Japanese (日本語).
Click here to request support of another language.

Feedback Content Highlighting

Feedback Content Highlighting Users are able to highlight some fragments of your website and send together with a feedback message.
They are able to mark images, text blocks, flash objects, paragraphs and more...

Feedback Categorization

Feedback Categorization Spilt feedback records by issues, questions and features requests.
Your users will be able to select exactly what they are looking for.
Also you can customize these categories whatever you like.
In addition, the system supports up to 4 levels of nested sub-categories.

Complete Feedback Loop

Complete Feedback Loop Feedback Widget is placed on your website and involves users into a feedback process.
Feedback Form allows to rate, highlight, comment and send feedback.
Feedback Reader reads feedback and provides possibility to reply on feedback, which closes the feedback loop.

Distributed Content Feedback

Feedback on Distributed Content Send feedback on webpages launched from CD/DVD or local hard drive.
Feedback will be delivered directly into your Feedback Inbox.
Best for the content published and distributed via compact disks.

Email Notification

Email Notification Enable or disable email notification when new feedback is received.
Do not let your potential clients wait. Respond immediately.

Feedback Data Export

Feedback Data Export Export your feedback data to Excel, PDF, ODS, CSV and XML formats for future reuse in other applications.
Export Feedback data with just one click.

Cross-Browser Dynamic Feedback Form

Cross browser feedback form We support all popular web browsers like FireFox, Safari, IE, Opera and Chrome.
Feedback widget dynamically inserts into a webpage. So, even if your site will be rendered badly, clients will be able to report that back to you.

Stand-alone Installation New Feature

Standalone Installation Stand-alone installation lets you host UserThought's Feedback Form on your own servers. So, every time your visitor opens a webpage feedback form will be loaded from the same webserver.
UserThought Cloud will store feedback records and provide feedback analytics based on that data.

Feedback Form API New Feature

Feedback Form API Feedback Form API provides an interface for core feedback form functions and events.
They include showing, hiding, setting default comment message and email, highlighted HTML element etc.

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