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We are continuously upgrading feedback form functionality.   All details we post in our Blog and Twitter...



"Thanks! Everything is working just great! ....
Again, the best service I got from any other company, ever!"
Kind regards,
Vasyl Shyrochuk
Project Manager

"Your service gave us a better understanding of our clients.
I definitely recommend it to everybody..."
Thanks for you help,
George Waills

"Your feedback form works really great with JIRA.
Haven't thought it could be so productive to track website feedback in issue manager before!"
Rick Morr

"UserThought's web site feedback form saved us money
on Atlassian JIRA license as UserThought reuses one JIRA account for all web site visitors."
Ronald Heriston

Advanced Feedback Reader Application

We know how much important is to receive feedback, we know how much important is to reply on feedback and we created an application, which allows you to achieve both. Fedback Reader
Feedback Reader is an online application, which presents collected feedback data in a user-friendly intuitive interface.

Every feedback sent by your customers is presented there.
Customer feedback message, email address, feedback category, website rating and highlighted element are available for you.

Moreover, Feedback Reader uncovers a lot of useful information about customer geographical location, language, system configuration, page title & location etc.

All this information will help you to understand your users better, investigate the root cause of customer's issues, receive priceless ideas and suggestions. Fedback Reader

Reply on feedback feature

If user provided an email address then "Reply" link will be showed in Feedback Reader.
Click on "Reply" link and the system will open your favorite Email Application and automatically fills all necessary fields.

All you need to do is to type your reply message and click "Send" button.

Feedback Export feature

Export your feedback data to Excel, PDF, ODS, CSV and XML formats for future reuse in other applications.
Export toolbar is located below the Feedback Inbox.
Export Feedback data with just one click!