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"Thanks! Everything is working just great! ....
Again, the best service I got from any other company, ever!"
Kind regards,
Vasyl Shyrochuk
Project Manager

"Your service gave us a better understanding of our clients.
I definitely recommend it to everybody..."
Thanks for you help,
George Waills

"Your feedback form works really great with JIRA.
Haven't thought it could be so productive to track website feedback in issue manager before!"
Rick Morr

"UserThought's web site feedback form saved us money
on Atlassian JIRA license as UserThought reuses one JIRA account for all web site visitors."
Ronald Heriston

Modern Look & Feel - Feedback Categorization

Feedback Form v2.0 supports almost unlimited levels of feedback categories that can be nested. The layout is horizontal now and feedback form displays centered on the screen.
This feature is the part of Pro plan:

Modern Look & Feel - Feedback Form Customization

Fully Customizable Feedback Form

UserThought Feedback Form consists of three main customizable parts:

  1. Feedback Type Chooser screen
  2. Feedback Form Input screen
  3. Feedback Delivery Status screen Feedback Type Chooser screen 1. Feedback Type Chooser screen - this screen allows users to choose the type (subject) of the feedback.

There are three customized types available for you. Default types are "Report Issue", "Ask Question" and "Give Suggestion".

Clicking on any of them will bring user to the Feedback Form Fields screen.

* Feedback Type Chooser screen could be turned off in settings so users could go to the Feedback Form Input screen directly. Feedback Form Input screen 2. Feedback Form Fields screen consist of comment text area, email field, rating stars and "Highlight" button.

Users are able to provide their feedback message together with email address for replies.

Rating stars allows users to rate your website completely as well as some fragment selected by "Highlight" button.

"Highlight" button is a unique feature, which provides an easy way for your users to select some fragment of your website together with feedback message.

They can highlight images, video, text paragraphs and other key elements of your website. Feedback Delivery Status screen 3. Feedback Delivery Status screen contains thanks message and a delivery status.

Delivery Status shows the response text from the server after the feedback was processed.

Users will see "Sending...", "Sent!" or "Error occurred." messages depending on the delivery state.

This feature is available in paid plans only.

All feedback records are collected and available in the Feedback Reader application.

UserThought Feedback Form is easy to customize.

Each customization option is available from the user-friendly management panel.

You are able to change feedback form font name, font size, font color,
background color, border color, shadow color and more!

There is also possibility to specify the color of highlighted element and individual tooltip text messages for each rating star.

We are also glad to implement the unique feedback form design specially for your needs based on our enterprise platform.

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