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* Easy 1 HTML line integration just copy&paste 1 code line into your site v v
* Feedback Inbox Application review your feedback data within one place v v
* Management Application setup your account v v
* Feedback Analytics analyze feedback data, make website better v v
* Feedback Widget Customization tweak widget look&feel to match your site v v
* Widget Translation feedback form renders in local user language v v
* Feedback Form Customization fonts, colors, texts, position and more v v
* Feedback delivery status have users notified about success or fail v v
* Email Notification on Feedback get informed when new feedback arrives v v
* Geographical Location detect from where feedback was sent v v
* User's PC Environment Detection helps to solve environment-related issues v v
* Feedback Type selector categorize feedback: issue, question, idea etc v v
* Reply On Feedback Feature send a reply if email was provided v v
* Highlight & Annotate Contentannotate website's content and send in feedback v v
* Export to Excel, PDF, ODS, XML create a backup of your feedback data v v
* Customer Supportissues, new features, integration help Standard Priority
* Extended Feedback Analyticsanalytics based on categories   v
* Modern Feedback Form Look'n'Feelbrand new design & functionality   v
* Feedback Form JavaScript APIdisplay/hide form, set initial text, attach JS callbacks   v
* Extra JavaScript Fields for Feedback Formreceive extra data with every feedback   v
* Standalone Installationfeedback form JavaScript and images hosted on your server   v
* Atlassian JIRA™ Integrationautomatically creates an issue when feedback is received   v
Start your 30 days FREE trial today!
Risk FREE. No Credit Card Required

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